Welcome to ExcelModels

Hello and thank you for stopping by.

This website is the result of 3 college degrees, 20 years of work experience, and a desire to share my expertise with the world.

Despite a formal background in management, I always gravitated toward the focused problem-solving elements of my experiences. And so I eventually gave in and embraced project consulting, with a dual emphasis in corporate finance and Excel & Access model-building.

My work is imbued with a strong creative element: the needs of my end-users are always top-of-mind, manifesting in highly intuitive interfaces and imaginative design.

Have a look at my Work Samples, all of which I’ve built from scratch over the last decade. If you need to brush up on your skills, my workshops are at your disposal, the result of years conducting corporate training seminars and teaching Managerial Finance at the college level.

And if I can be of assistance in your business, please reach out and we’ll talk.