• Use of standard MS Office software, custom-built for use on
existing corporate networks
• Robust and bulletproof user interfaces including restrictions
on cell contents and conditional formatting
• Global inputs
• Documentation tab
• Dashboards and control panels to quickly modify key levers
• Modular, scalable design requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance
• Named ranges to turn cell references into plain English
• Seamless integration of applications that extract, analyze, and
present data.
• Security and permissions for various user levels
• Sophisticated and creative data manipulation
• Import/export to a variety of database, spreadsheet, and
textual formats.
• Color coding, dialogue boxes, drop-down menus, scroll bars,
and other graphical U.I. features
• Employment of advanced Excel tools including data & pivot tables,
database functions, goal seek, scenarios, lookups, cell comments,
filters, hyperlinks, charting, and graphing
• Extensive use of built-in and custom-built functions for powerful
and efficient calculations


• Printer-ready charts, graphs, and management reporting templates
• Integrated financial statements
• Flash reports
• Departmental budgets and staffing requirements
• Depreciation and amortization schedules
• Payoff schedules for revolvers, lines of credit, term loans, bonds,
and long-term debt
• Sales forecasts
• NPV, IRR, Breakeven, and DCF calculations
• Lease vs. Buy and Go/No-go decisions
• Sensitivity analysis of key variables and inputs
• Valuation vs. comps and peer groups
• Financial ratios
• Cost of financial distress calculations
• Economic Profit calculations