Issues & Solutions


    • Financial models with business drivers, cost of capital calculation, integrated financials, & valuations
    • Reporting, budgeting, and forecasting templates, consolidated rollups, due diligence, FP&A
    • Fundraising decks, long-form business plans, capitalization tables, term sheets, Pro Forma financials
    • Financial statement analysis, NPV, IRR, ROI, distress, financial ratios, fully-diluted share calculations
    • Origination and payoff schedules for revolvers, LOC’s, loans, leases, & capital expenditures


    • Capital budgeting, sensitivity analysis, scenario testing, customer demographic, & product pricing
    • Breakeven, insource/outsource, market sizing & entry analysis, segmentation, competitive landscaping
    • Customized tracking software for projects, customers, contacts, prospects, invoicing, & collections
    • End-to-end CRM models & flowcharting for process, supply chain, and inventory optimization


    • Data mining and A/B & multivariate testing on website usage, user behavior, & keyword logs
    • Dashboards integrated with remote servers, enabling real-time data extraction & visualization
    • Business Intelligence scorecards w/ business drivers, KPIs, performance metrics, benchmarking