Work Samples: Business Plans & Presentations

Business Plan – Marketing Company
  • 28-page business plan describes P2P marketing company, addressable market, value proposition, competitive landscape, financial overview, & implementation plan
Business Plan – Limousine Service
  • 35-page business plan / prospectus for regional livery company, description of fleet, industry structure, rate sheet, expenses, & risk factors
Business Plan – Security Software Company
  • 39-page business plan for VPN software developer, including network security industry outlook, description of product line, and marketing strategy
Business Plan – Multimedia Content Company
  • 32-page business plan for interactive theatrical production for children and families, looking to expand its brand and create ancillary products and multimedia content
Business Plan – Rock Band Concert Promotion
  • 45-page business plan for themed music concert seeking funding to produce Las Vegas-based multi-artist live show
Business Plan – Gaming Company
  • 23-page business plan outlining growth plans for a proposed gaming company, tour, and championship tournament focused on the Asian market
Business Plan Template
  • Formatted outline for creation of a long-form business plan, including table of contents, hierarchical structure, appendices, and key topics to include
Investor Presentation – Lead Gen Company
  • Sample investor deck detailing market demand, implementation plan, & prospects for a social networking-based professional recommendation application
Investor Presentation – Healthcare Practice Dashboard
  • Sample investor deck detailing market demand, implementation plan, & prospects for customized Dashboard software for a private-practice healthcare provider
Client Presentation – Pharma manufacturer inventory quantification model
  • Methodology & quantification of inventory throughout distribution channel of a pharmaceutical manufacturer
Client Presentation – Methodology for conducting company valuation
  • Methodology for conducting and completing DCF and EV/EBITDA valuations for manufacturing client (underlying model HERE)