Work Samples: Data Management Software

Client Policies (preview)
  • Track client information for an insurance company, including details on their specific policy purchases
Student Contacts (preview)
  • Retrieve contact information for each student in a school, with private logins for each of 3 administrators
Invoice Tracker (preview)
  • Store information on independent contractors and their client assignments. Run reports on billings, fees, invoices, and monthly P&Ls
Personnel Manager (preview)
  • Enable Human Resource managers to employees by department, and job applicants through each interview stage
Projects Database (preview)
  • Catalog each project undertaken by a company’s various departments, by stage, status, and team. View 30- or 60-day upcoming calendar
Patient Management System (preview)
  • Enable treatment center to manage patient data, including contact info, medical status, treatment progress, doctor evaluations, and activity schedule
  • Software contains an array of reports, subforms, and category name/label modification tools